Many people think that people with comorbidities in the COVID-19 pandemic are some terminal patients, which were under End-of-life care. But the fact is, that almost half of the American population has some kind of disease that classifies them as a comorbidity

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the term “comorbidity” started to be used frequently and attaching the risk of complications only to the very old or very sick. But the truth behind the term is far different than you could be thought.

Indeed people with some underlying conditions are at higher risk…

Are you tired of creating all the neural net architectures by hand? Are you wasting your precious time in the mundane and iterative process? A regularized evolution algorithm awaits you to help you out


AutoML is a concept, where a machine learning algorithm is not developed by a human but by a computer. So for a given problem, like for example predicting cats/dogs on photos or predicting stock prices, the AutoML algorithm creates several architectures with different parameters and evaluates validation accuracy/validation for it…

Sometimes there is a need to write an own neural network layer that accepts non-standard data or processes them in an unusual way.

TensorFlow 2 made the machine learning framework far easier to use, still retaining its flexibility to build its models. One of its new features is building new layers through integrated Keras API and easily debugging this API with the usage of eager-execution.

In this article, you will learn how to…

In recent years quantum computing started gaining more and more attention. The quantum computers are still in its infancy and there is a small number of people and companies that are in the field.

Quantum computations — What it is?

Quantum computing is an emerging field that could revolutionize fields like medicine, chemistry, biology, physics, finance, internet banking, cybersecurity and many more where excessive computations are required. By simplifying things, every computation that requires time t will require the only logarithm of it. Thus if something takes 1000 hours on…

In the last months, there was an outbreak of a novel coronavirus — SARS-COV2 that, is quickly spreading across the world. Together with the virus, an enormous number of data about it started to appear.

Except calming down you friends from the panic, and informing people on the other extreme of the problem, that it is still a big problem, especially for older, chronically sick people or from a socio-economic point of view. …

Imagine that you’d like to build a model that could be used by you in a project. You choose to do it the TensorFlow 2 framework, but you wonder how to do it.

The TensorFlow 2 (TF2) framework allows for creating complicated models that could be used easily in your project. So let’s take the required stuff with us (TF2 and Python 3) and move into the depths of the topic.

In TF2 the model is built using the Model class in the…

Daniel Wiczew

A PhD Student in Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning in Biomedical Engineering. Linkedin profile:

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